Relocation Specialists

Advantages in Real Estate Services is your strategic advantage to hiring benefits at no cost to your company.

AIRE’s is a no-cost benefit program designed to enhance company offerings to new hires and transferring EE’s.

The program supports employees  on company-sponsored relocations.  Our clients utilize the program to enhance their Relocation Benefits package with cost free home purchasing benefits. Our rebate program enhances your lump sum program by  $750  to  $2500.

Our move coordinator provides professional guidance throughout the process which will included move management support, mortgage qualification support, travel support, temporary housing support, expense administration support as well as real estate support. The program offers cash rebates and mortgage incentives to registered participants. .

Relocation Benefits – AIRES Program

FREE OF COST, with unlimited usage
Personal move management as primary point of contact
Access to specially-trained real estate professionals
Home warranty programs
Move management assistance
Competitive financing options